When you think of New Orleans, there are a few immediate things that come to mind: Mardi Gras, Cajun food, beads, drinking, the French Quarter, and overall good time. While yes, these things are surely what keep New Orleans thriving and known for its destination, the city has much more to offer outside of the French Quarter. In fact, there are hidden gems around the city that are absolutely worth visiting.

One such hidden gem is the City Park. The park is actually one of the oldest urban parks in the country, and is home to a number of different attractions. For example, within the park grounds you’ll find: sculptures by renowned artists, beautiful gardens, an outdoor concert venue, and even a golf course. If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Bourbon Street for a bit, City Park is definitely worth checking out. 

Another great hidden gem in New Orleans is the Audubon Zoo. The zoo is home to over 2000 animals, and also features a number of different exhibits. In addition, the zoo offers a variety of educational programs for both children and adults. If you’re looking to learn more about the animal kingdom (or just want to see some cute animals), the Audubon Zoo is perfect for you.

No list of hidden gems in New Orleans would be complete without mentioning the Louisiana Children’s Museum. The museum is dedicated to providing “interactive play-based learning experiences” for children of all ages. In addition to a variety of exhibits, the museum also offers educational programs, workshops, and special events. If you’re looking for a fun and educational activity to do with your kids (or even if you’re just a kid at heart), the Louisiana Children’s Museum is definitely worth checking out.

Another great spot outside of the French Quarter is Lafayette Cemetery No. One. This cemetery is unique in that it’s actually above-ground due to New Orleans’ high water table. As a result, the cemetery looks more like a city than your typical graveyard – which makes for an interesting visit. There are plenty of cemetery tours that take you through each historic cemetery and tell fun ghost stories and teach you about some of the city’s history and cemetery significance.

If you’re looking for more of a nightlife scene, head to Mid-City. Mid-City is home to some great bars and clubs, as well as a number of new restaurants that are definitely worth checking out. And if you want to catch a show, the Mid-City Lanes Rock ‘n’ Bowl is the perfect spot. They regularly host live music performances, as well as bowling leagues and open bowling nights. Similarly, Marigny and Bywater outside of the French Quarter are staples for nightlife within the city, with many bars and restaurants settled within the quaint and quiet neighborhoods.

So next time you find yourself in New Orleans, be sure to check out some of these hidden gems – you won’t be disappointed!