Some people love business travel, while others hate it. For those who see it as a perk, especially when they can mix business with pleasure, it’s often the frequent travelers who find it inconvenient or even uncomfortable.

Business travel can be tough, but savvy explorers understand that there are specific rules to follow which will result in a much improved experience. Below is a comprehensive list of Business Travel tips and tricks which will help you plan your next trip with ease!

1. Check your company’s business travel policy

Before you begin dreaming of your destination, take a look at your company’s guidelines for corporate travel. By doing so, you will avoid any surprises or issues down the road when it comes to bookings, approvals and expenses. Additionally, this is also a good time to find out about the refund process should you need to cancel or change your plans.

2. Stick to carry-on bags only

If you follow this one packing tip, you’ll easily save time and aggravation. By avoiding check-in luggage and carrying on only, you can avoid losing an average of 30 minutes at the baggage claim or even having your suitcase lost.

3. Keep your essentials packed and ready to go in your suitcase

Keep essential items, such as toiletries and medications, in an easily accessible place so you can grab them on your way out the door. If you travel frequently, it might be helpful to store these things in a separate suitcase dedicated solely to trips.

4. Keep your essentials handy when on the road

Be sure to have all of your documents in one place before you leave for the airport. That way, when it’s time to find them, they’ll be within easy reach. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting to the gate and realizing you can’t find your ID. Then you end up delaying everyone by unpacking everything in a frenzy!

5. Pack both business attire and casual clothes

Even if you always dress in business attire for meetings, there might be occasions when you’ll have to go casual—and you don’t want your nicer clothes going to waste for these occasions. Besides, you never know when your clients might invite you to a more casual meal or activity outside of work!

6. Keep security checks in mind when you pack

Security checkpoints are notoriously specific, with attendants often requesting that you remove all liquids, electronics, and chargers from your luggage. To make the process go more quickly and smoothly for everyone involved, keep these items packed in an easily accessible place.

7. Make comfort a priority

Packing light is essential for any trip, international or not. By bringing only the necessities, you’ll be more comfortable and able to fully enjoy your experience.

8. Sign up for rewards programs

A loyalty program can provide many benefits to users, especially those who fly often. Not only can you redeem points from your upcoming trip, but you may also be eligible for perks and discounts even if you don’t have any points saved up. If you’re not a member of a loyalty program, it might be worth considering signing up – especially if you travel frequently.

9. Make sure you charge your electronic devices

It’s crucial to keep all your electronic devices charged before leaving for your trip, and continue doing so when possible throughout the journey. Unexpected flight delays or cancellations occur often, as well as work-related issues that may come up unexpectedly and require you to use your phone!

10. Fly non-stop

If possible, always choose non-stop flights to avoid any added stress or inconvenience of a layover. You’ll spend less time in transit and arrive more relaxed and well-rested. Furthermore, you decrease the likelihood of delays, cancellations, overbookings, and lost baggage.

11. Make use of airport lounges

Airport lounges can be a great way to relax or get some work done before your flight. They usually have comfortable seating, Wi-Fi, plugs, and sometimes even showers and spas. Access to airport lounges is usually included for business class passengers, but you can often buy access separately.

12. Use a suit bag

If you’re worried about your suit becoming wrinkled, there are a few options to keep it looking sharp. You can bring it on the plane in a garment bag or wear it during your flight. Just be sure to check if your carry-on allowance allows for an extra item and plan ahead so you don’t have any unwanted surprises.

13. Bring a power bank or portable charger

This was never proven to be a bad idea!Since it can be difficult to find a plug when you’re on the road for long periods of time, carrying a portable charger with you is always a good option.

14. Bring your (travel size) toiletries

It’s vital that you look your best for that big meeting, and we both know the hotel Hair products available won’t suffice. Even if your accommodation has high-quality toiletries, there’s no substitute for your own products which will better suit your needs–so bring them with you!

15. Pack healthy snacks

Business travelers know all too well that work trips can often involve unhealthy eating habits. However, by packing some healthy snacks with you, you can avoid this. Not to mention, having these snacks could come in handy when you’re on the go and don’t have time for a proper meal.

16. Choose your plane seat wisely

If you’re flying on a long flight, your seat selection can mean the difference between an enjoyable and unbearable experience. There are websites that show you which seats are the best and worst for any particular flight, so it’s always worth checking them out before choosing your seat.

17. Do your research on foreign business etiquette

Before you travel, in addition to preparing your speech and gathering all the necessary stats, take some time to research basic business etiquette customs specific to your destination country. That way, when it comes time to greet a potential client— shaking their hand or not —you can do so with confidence knowing that you’re following proper protocol.

18. Download helpful apps

Today, many helpful applications exist to make business travel simpler–such as your company’s travel and expense management software, providers for hotels and rental cars, Uber, taxi apps, etc. Apps like these help save time by giving you accessibility to easy booking methods for coworking spaces and meeting rooms.

19. Bring a power adapter

A foreign power outlet can damage your electronics if you’re not careful. Before traveling, be sure to invest in an international adapter for your devices so you can avoid any costly damages.

20. Check in beforehand

If you can check-in for anything before your trip, do it! Checking in online saves time while you’re traveling.