London is an exhilarating urban haven, yet it can be quite costly to experience its renowned five-star hotels and exquisite mixology. From the iconic Buckingham Palace to Heston Blumenthal’s acclaimed restaurants, London is a city of aristocracy that continuously stands out from other destinations around the world. Although you may have to pay considerably for this exceptional lifestyle, rest assured – all your efforts will surely be worth it!

London is an incredibly diverse city, and the best part about it? It’s full of activities that won’t break your bank! From querying frequent tourists to longtime locals, we’ve compiled this list of free things to do in London. Don’t forget your umbrella either – you don’t want to spend money on something so easily avoidable! So prepare yourself for a cost-free tour through one of Europe’s most bustling cities.

Tour St. Paul

In the bustling West End of London is St. Paul’s Church, an iconic 400-year-old structure that was nicknamed “The Actor’s Church” due to its close proximity and association with the nearby theater district. This illustrious landmark boasts a rich history, including being the site where one of Britain’s oldest puppet shows – “Punch and Judy” – debuted in 1662! Inside you’ll find memorials honoring influential stage actors such as Charlie Chaplin, Vivien Leigh, and Boris Karloff making it a must-visit destination for anyone interested exploring this city’s historic culture — but don’t worry; unlike many attractions here admission is free!

East London Street Art

Discover London’s diverse graffiti art scene with Strawberry Tours, in collaboration with London With a Local. Delve into the world-renowned masterpieces of Banksy, El Mac and Space Invader as you explore East End neighbourhoods like Shoreditch and Spitalfields! On guided tours that commence twice daily from Shoreditch High Street overground station at 11am & 2pm – don’t worry about getting lost – tips are encouraged. Experience this iconic part of London culture firsthand; see where urban legends have made their mark on the cityscape!

House of Parliament

A must-have shot while you’re in London is undoubtedly a picture of the grand Palace of Westminster. To make sure this photo op is as picturesque and memorable as possible, be sure to include both the River Thames beneath it and Big Ben (or Elizabeth Tower) above it! A great spot for capturing all these elements together would be on the south side of Westminster Bridge — simply unbeatable views!

Portobello Road Market

London boasts a plethora of outdoor festivals, but Portobello Market on Saturday is the ultimate gem. It hosts antiques, vintage clothing pieces, furniture items, food and miscellaneous trinkets all in one place for a delightful day of exploration. As you wander through the market stalls and peruse goods from around the world you will be serenaded by street musicians and performers to make your experience even more complete!

The Sky Garden

The Walkie Talkie is a beloved Rafael Viñoly-designed skyscraper full of London’s highest public garden. Its stunning views of the Thames make it an unparalleled destination, and best of all – admission is totally free! However, since there are limited spots available each week, tickets will be released each Monday morning and must be cancelled if you cannot attend. At Sky Garden in the heart of London, take in some awe inspiring sights without spending even a penny!

The National Gallery

If you’re looking for free museums, look no further than London! Whether your interests lie in art, history or science, this city’s got something that’ll captivate and intrigue you. In particular, The National Gallery is one of the best destinations for a diverse range of artwork from across the centuries; with pieces by Leonardo Da Vinci to Caravaggio and Van Gogh all housed under one roof. And don’t forget to have fun listening to how the British say Van Gogh – it really is something special!

Sir John Soane’s Museum

A tour of Sir John Soane’s Museum is a truly remarkable experience. After his appointment to professor of architecture at the Royal Academy in 1806, he gathered a magnificent collection that you can now admire while touring his home. Furthermore, once per month on the first Tuesday evening until 9 p.m., you’ll have an even more unique opportunity – exploring all its hidden corners by candlelight!

Brompton Cemetery

Since its foundation in 1839 as a result of an act of Parliament, this timeless park and garden remains active today with 35,000 headstones and monuments. But don’t think that people just come here to honor the dead; it’s also become quite popular for wildlife watching! It serves as a tranquil side tour while exploring Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea—even if there may be some eeriness present.

Angel Comedy Club

Angel Comedy Club is the perfect place for a good chuckle! Started by Barry Ferns in 2010, it provides free showcases every night at 8 p.m., and he’s always there to ensure that each evening runs perfectly. From improv skits to open mic sessions featuring established comedians testing out their new jokes – you’re sure to have plenty of laughter with any visit here! So why not come down and get your daily dose of medicine?

Pelican Feeding at St. James’s Park

Located at the heart of the city, St. James’ Park is a stunning oasis with an astonishing variety of plants and animals – not to mention its most celebrated resident: pelicans! But what truly makes this park worth visiting are the daily feedings that take place at 2:30pm and 3 pm, where these special birds get treated to a sumptuous feast of fresh fish. So come explore all that nature has to offer while watching these majestic creatures dine in their natural habitat!

In conclusion, London is a great city filled with plenty of wonderful attractions and activities. From admiring some of the world’s greatest works of art at the National Gallery, to enjoying the views from Sky Garden or simply watching pelicans being fed in St. James’s Park, there are lots of free things to do that will make your trip memorable. So make sure to check out these activities, and see what London has to offer. You won’t regret it!